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Cavalo fode gajas

So I’m tired, strung out, and dirty….. Well maybe not dirty, but the rest. I have just been through the most nerve-racking experience any man can have. Child birth, that’s right, you heard me, child birth.

I am the proud father of a 3.78kg girl. Nothing in this world can beat the feeling of holding your own child. Not driving a fast car, or a fast woman for that matter. Not even a bungee jump, I’m sure. Seeing that little infant for the first time, and knowing whatever comes out of your mouth, will be guiding that child in her life to come scares the sh*t out of you.

Knowing you will be responsible for shaping this young persons life is an absolutely exhilarating prospect. And it should be to every parent. Thing is your never ready for it till it happens. You can’t prepare for it and you certainly can’t plan it. But when it happens, know that it’s a blessing from God in every way. Know that it’s a challenge that will take you the rest of your life. Be a man and step up to the plate. You won’t be sorry.

Here is to every mom and dad out there, shaping their children’s lives. And to all the parents that raised us. May you find joy in every moment you share with your child.


Cavalo fode gajas

Communication. It’s a word spat out in every fight. With your kids, your spouse, your business partner, even in advertisements. My question …. WHY?

When you speak your mind your either mean, sarcastic, lying or worse. Nobody ever listens to what anybody else is saying anyway. Marriage failing? Who do they blame? Lack of communication, that’s who. It always comes down to one person saying: “ you don’t talk to me anymore”. And then of course there is the inevitable psychiatric (more like psychopathic) marriage councilor who says: “It seems to me your not communicating your feelings with your spouse.” Half of the buggers are divorced themselves, now they want to teach you how to stay married.

Lets get this straight. When your husband/wife walks in after a long day at the office you ask them how their day was. They say: “I don’t wanna talk about it.” What are they communicating to you? What do you think they are trying to say? You are to thick to understand what is going on in my job? Or are they trying to say: “I had a crappy day at work, gimme a cup of coffee (or whatever their poison) and maybe I’ll relax enough to talk about it.”

I don’t know, its just that when I come home and plonk myself in front of my computer and just disconnect from my day for a hour or two, my wife sits right next to me without saying a word until I’m good and relaxed enough to tell her what’s new.

The same goes back to her. When she’s irritated with some or other problem on her computer or anything, its best to just sit it out and wait till she’s ready to tell me what’s up.

What do we learn from this? WAKE UP!!!!! You married the guy/girl your living with. In some cases you’ve been married or have been living together for several years. You should be able by now to read their moods or at least their expressions. You should be able to see your business partner is under stress. Or that your kid is trying to tell you something, by not telling you anything.

That’s another thing that bothers me. How are you supposed to communicate with teenagers who don’t talk to you? Even when you both have the time. They sit and talk to their friends on their cell phones or text each other, the whole daylong. They stay in their rooms all the time and then when it comes down to the push they tell you that you don’t communicate with them. I’m sorry? Did you want me to text you perhaps? Did you want to tell me something? Maybe I should send you a smiley or whatever?

NO!!! Get of your arse and open that thing under your nose that make the sounds come out. If you’ve got something to say, spit it out. I’m not going to force you to talk to me. What do want, truth serum or something before you talk to me?

People, whether you open yap to much, or not enough, its your choice. It’s also your partner’s choice, whichever they are inclined to. If you’ve got something to say, say it. If you don’t, don’t. Otherwise just let the people be.


Cavalo fode gajas

Hi and welcome to my blog site.

On this page I will be discussing….. anything I like. Oh, you thought it would be something profound? Sorry to disappoint you. Well actually this won’t be just a monologue, I hope, but a place where you can just get something off your chest. If you want something discussed mail me, if you think I’m a complete ass, mail me. If you can write full sentences, drop me a mail. If you can only write in “sms language”, don’t mail me, because I will not, nor do I want to understand you.

Although I think I know everything you are welcome to educate, chastise or comment on anything I say. If you’ve read the author page you’ll know I’m just a poor carpenter trying to carve my little corner of the net to fit tightly and snugly around me. As you also know a lot of great and wise people where carpenters like Jesus, Harrison Ford and Bill Gates. Well, maybe not Bill Gates, but you get the idea. Working with your hands gives you time to ponder a lot of things. Time to look at things from another perspective. Time to cut of your fingers if you’re thinking too much.

When my brother gave me the idea for this site I said: “But what do write about?” His answer:  “Does it matter?”

So let’s see. Does it matter?

If I write an exposé on the mating habits of the South African golf ball, will anyone want to read it? Off course they would. But will it matter? Will it earn me the next Pulitzer for litarararary excellence? WHO CARES? At the end of the day all I want is to feel good about what I said or did or wrote. Hopefully, once you’ve read whatever it is I, or if it’s really good someone else, has to say you’ll also feel good. Even if it is just ‘cause your smarter than me.

Well that’s where I’m gonna start. Oh, one more thing, yes I will give you a DIY tip if you really ask nicely.


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